Sunflower Harvesting System

Your standard corn head and our SunStar adapters will quickly and efficiently harvest your Sunflowers

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Expand your crop options without worrying about harvesting problems

plate1 With SunStar plates, you move quickly through standing sunflowers. Take advantage of your corn header's ability to pick up and salvage lodged heads, something most header conversions won't do. An inexpensive SunStar attachment bolts on to your corn head. There are no moving parts to wear and replace.

The SunStar Harvesting System

There are no permanent modifications and the SunStar system has no moving parts to wear and replace. This system, developed and used in Europe for several years, is proven effective. Each conversion unit is laser cut from carbon steel for perfect fit and extremely long wear.

Convert from Corn to Sunflowers in less than 1/2 an hour per row:

Installation is easy, taking 30 minutes to an hour per row. The SunStar deck plates are installed in place of your stationary deck plate on the row. Next, the gathering slot is adjusted to the average stalk size, then replace the snout and you're finished with the row! Repeat this process for the remaining rows and you will be good to go! When you are finished, simply reverse this procedure on each row to convert back to corn.


This is how it works:

As the sunflower stalk comes into the gathering slot, it is diverted to one side by the SunStar plate. This allows only one side of the gathering chain to touch the stalk and prevent the stalk from being bumped, which could cause heads to drop or shatter. As the stalk reaches the rear of the gathering slot, it encounters a stationary knife similar to a half section. The gathering fingers and this stationary knife cuts the stalk and let the head fall into the cross auger, where it is fed into the combine. (An ample supply of replacement knives is provided with your original system.)

SunStar is designed to work in a variety of field and crop conditions

SunStar has a very simple operating principle. Sunstar has been designed to harvest sunflowers in a row planted at the same width as your corn head. No modifications are needed to the standard row units. The four page instructions we provide with the system completely explain installation and adjustments. When crop or field conditions change, a simple adjustment may be required. Ear savers will have to be removed or held back so they don't bump the stalks as they enter the gathering channel. The SunStar system has no rotating knives, chains, or bearings to maintain.

These pictures below show our Sunstar conversion kit on a 1995 John Deere corn head with new aggressive snap rolls and plastic snouts. These flowers were yielding about 2200lbs/acre. Notice how the heads enter the auger in one piece. You also might notice how high the header is running off the ground. These flowers were being harvested late after a hard frost. Inspection from behind the machine showed very little loss from head shatter. The forward speed was around 4 MPH. High harvesting speeds are common with Sunstar.

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When ordering a SunStar system for your machine, please specify the corn head manufacturer, the model number and the number of rows that are on the header.

You will receive:

  • A replacement deck plate for each row. (A few systems have one left-handed plate.)
  • Replacement stationary knives
  • Special Allen Wrenches to replace knives and to adjust the gathering channel
  • Installation and operating instructions.

  • John Deere 40/90 Series
    Part number Description List price
    28296 John Deere 8-row (840/890) $3,170.42
    28297 John Deere 12-row (1240/1290) $4,754.96
    28391 John Deere 8-row w/ Hydraulic Deck Plates $3,170.42
    28300 John Deere 12-row w/Hydraulic Deck Plates $4,754.96

    John Deere 600C Series
    Part number Description List price
    28302 John Deere 8-row $3,234.68
    28303 John Deere 12-row $4,852.01

    Case IH 800, 900, & 1000
    Part number Description List price
    28285 Case IH 8-row $3,386.68
    28286 Case IH 12-row $5,080.04
    28287 8 row w/Hydraulic deck plates $3,170.42
    28288 12 row w/Hydraulic deck plates $4,755.63

    Case IH 2200 & 2400
    Part number Description List price
    28289 Case IH 8-row $3,455.78
    28290 Case IH 12-row $5,183.64

    Case IH 3200 & 3400
    Part number Description List price
    28452 Case IH 8-row $3,455.78
    28453 Case IH 12-row $5,183.64

    New Holland 974, 966, 96C, & 98C Series
    Part number Description List price
    28398 New Holland 8-row $3,234.68
    28399 New Holland 12-row $4,852.01

    New Holland 98D Series
    Part number Description List price
    28454 New Holland 8-row $3,455.78
    28455 New Holland 12-row $5,183.64

    Replacement Parts
    Part number Description List price
    18276 M5 x 10 Flat Head Socket Screw $1.32
    18277 M8 x 14 Flat Head Socket Screw $0.45
    18314 SunStar RH Blade $4.40
    18315 SunStar LH Blade $4.40
    18435 SunStar Adjustment Plate $9.01
    18327 CIH adjustment plate (obsolete) $9.01

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