Frequently Asked Questions w/Answers

Q: Do they work in oil, confection, and seed type?

A: Yes, they will work on all three types.

Q: Are the blades replaceable?

A: Yes, and you get spares with the purchase of new units. They retail for $4.40

Q: How often do you replace them?

A: In general terms, about 400 Acres. (8-row machine).

Q: Will SunStar work in downed or lodged flowers?

A: Yes, they do a good job, unless they have fallen toward you.

Q: Will they work in green flowers?

A: No, They will not feed in, the stems will not cut fast enough, and will bunch up on the blade.

Q: How long does it take to convert?

A: Less then 30 minutes per row in normal conditions. As little as 15 minutes per row in some cases.

Q: Do they have to be converted back for corn?

A: Yes

Q: Will they work in milo?

A: No, milo is too green and stringy, they will bunch up on the blade, and will not feed in.

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